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Rick Ojeda

Rick Ojeda

A Los Angeles native, Rick is consistently ranked among the company’s elite performers. Recognized as America’s Best in the annual REAL Trends top rankings, Rick is honored to represent an impressive array of loyal and distinguished clients.

Rick also understands how to tell a compelling story. Coming from the world of entertainment, Rick created a boutique ad agency/commercial production company and produced/directed over 160 television commercials for ad agencies and clients. Rick employs his vast and unique marketing experience to create effective narratives and stimulating visuals, both in video and in still photography to express the beauty of the homes he has the pleasure to represent.

Fortunate to have traveled the world to Hong Kong, Jordan, Israel, France, England, Scotland, Switzerland, Rome and Japan, Rick is very comfortable using these experiences to better build rapport with clients from around the world.

Rick Ojeda and Nick Segal have worked in partnership for the past 12 years.